As the sun sets - Cities In Motion 2 - Olli Perttula ©Paradox Interactive

Contents and images in page 1 and 3 are redistributable (see project page). Contents on other pages are not.

Hi, it is now 2019, not 2007.

As a beginner of front end developer, I did some demos to practice with including these animations of moving objects that I captured. Take a look.

Before this let me post the source link from which you can play around yourself: circulars

elliptic motion

The blocks at the bottm are projections. This game generates a ball and allows you to customize its data to see the effects. You might like this if you like maths.

elliptic motion
This looks like some object in physics, which I do not know.

elliptic motion

This image divides six balls by 60 degrees evenly.

elliptic motion

Some centripetal ellipses. They are already included in the project page.


These beautified images were made afterwards and their effects are not deployed on the real project.

solar system
Simulating the solar system. Orbits and periods are close to the real ones. The background is low.

solar system
Prettier than the above one!

Resizable orbit as in the image. But have no idea how this situation can be achieved in the real world.

Now it is (almost) September 2019. A new journey will begin.