Faster than light - Stellaris Original Soundtrack - © Paradox Interactive

With the invention of warp drive in the early 2100's, the human was so excited and encouraged about finding the way out of the galaxy. They sent out the first spacecraft that later reached the outer solar system and by this brave attempt, found the signs of possible alien lives. A great decoding operation of alien signals followed. Finally, they successfully cracked the language of the secret outer space livings:

"Fuck, you crappy dumb traffic-violating noobee were just speeding. You made a long shitty traffic jam!"

Visited Cambridge, ON this week. It was a nice traditional city and has all components even though it is small! At least I found one Ebgames.

It was a very straight trip by GRT 200 bus that runs between Conestoga and Ainslie Terminal, straightly. And it is rare to have a local bus to run on a highway.

The red building on the cover image is Waterloo Architecture, which I managed to enter. It was not as interesting as I thought...

The city has lots of churches (maybe) and this is one of them. And there was a Portuguese flag (behind the Canadian flag) which I don't know what it's for.


The "Grand" River.

It's called "Mill Race Park" and said to be built in 1847. Anyways I like this place because this is super like in a movie.. 

Especially when you can't see electric poles.


Went down below the canal wall (?). There was a very old tunnel opening for groundwater deposition but I didn't upload the photo here.

Feels like we are in Europe.

At Centennial Park I could see the whole city (maybe). Small...

I like this photo very much! By the way, there are light poles with decorations on Main Street, which turned on when I arrived there. I believe the night scene would be great. But unfortunately, it was too cold so I had to leave early!
The lights in that building just turned on.