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I was in the bookstore and found one somewhat 'new-school' hot wheel toy car (a Tesla model) around the corner on the third floor (which was a toy area).
I bought it right after I see it with the programming book....... (this happened about one month and twenty days ago..)


Soon I got more cars at the cost of ~6 dollars from the web. And I took some great shots ourdoors. Take a look.

was what I initially bought from the book store.

This bmw one once appeared in one of my last posts.

those are two generations of civics.

all cars in one scene.

I took the red civic in a restaurant. reflecting:

I modified these two with photoshop:

A fake rain night.
this was the ground texture I made with goauche andfoam panels. I added some props on it, as you may see.

maximize details. Below are some shots with the toy cars:

view from above.

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